Letters Home Part 2


Written by my husband.

December 18, 1995

Amazing – only 7 days till Christmas. It’s Monday and I’ve accomplished very little so far. I tried 3x to call a friend in Y— before finally getting him and then after 1 minute we were cut off and I could not reach him again. I wanted to find out about our permits to be able to stay here. They expire in 2 weeks and the government has not yet reissued us an update. I am 800 miles away from the office and got enough information to understand they have not yet issued us a new permit.

I opened a bank account in C— but when a friend in the US tried wiring money to it something messed up so now we’re trying to figure out how to get money. I put Bon on red alert with food purchases. She’s not happy about that right at Christmas – oh well – life in Africa! We’ll survive and solutions will be worked out, but I can’t tell you exactly how yet. Living here is a challenge every day. The Lord has met all the obstacles and we’re confident He’ll not let us down.

We got a puppy dog for Clay, a sword for Raymond, and I’m supposed to build Elaine a cabinet. I’m not sure about the other boys. Bon has ideas but she doesn’t know I’ve put the clinch on spending till we get a way to have money sent in.

The reason for this letter was to thank you for the money you sent in November. It will be a big help towards getting our things shipped up from the container at the port city. The container has arrived.

How is Granny doing? Tell her we said hi. Tell her the backpacks she bought the boys and Elaine have been used several times. When I travel, I borrow one from them – they’re very helpful. It’s so different here. I pack my mosquito net, water purifier, ropes for hanging nets, soap, passports, cash (as I cannot use credit cards or checks), flashlight, and clothes – maybe one change.

Jay is planning on spending time with y’all when we return in 3 ½ years. He’ll be ready (age-wise) for college. He’s been driving the truck around here in town. I should say on the dirt roads out back where there’s no traffic.

Our love to all.

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