Reentry Course Outline

Why have reentry classes?  It will open your eyes to the facts…life will be different.  It gives your TCK a head’s up so that he/she won’t be blind-sided.

reentry class to the US

Here is the course outline and summary:

Culture Shock

It is normal.  You will experience it and it will pass.

Personal Hygiene

For this class I took an old white bed sheet, drew a body on it, and with my pointer, directed their attention to areas of odor or neglect that are not a big deal where we lived, but become a big deal in a country that will not tolerate body odor!

University Classes

This is big.  Study skills, timed tests, deadlines, and writing out a typical school day schedule.  We also made up a sample weekly schedule.

Girls and Boys

This is a popular subject.  No trouble getting discussions going on about “What kind of guy/girl do you like?”  It’s a good time to talk about how to carry on a conversation with the opposite sex.  Time for your little girl to think about becoming a lady and your young man to start acting like a gentleman.


How to make friends and how to be a friend – the Bible has a lot to say about friends.

Time Management

This hits TCKs hard as most foreign cultures tend to be much more laid back than the USA.

Strategy for Understanding New and Strange

Not a time to criticize. A good time to teach your TCK to be a learner.

Changing values

Maybe not changing their values, but definitely being challenged by others who have very different values.

God’s Will

There is not a teen in the world who does not profit from and like talking about their future.  Our time to point out, God has a will!

Getting a Job

Have you ever role-played a job interview?  Be the slovenly, unprepared one applying for the job….it can be funny, but certainly makes a point.

Filling Out Forms

No trouble finding sample forms on the internet. Have timed practices filling them out.  Practice writing some of those essay answers.  Maybe for the first time, your TCK will realize he has a SS number, a birth place, a mother’s maiden name….


I hit this one hard because I have seen many TCKs with atrocious manners.  Partly, they are acting like they would in their host country.  Partly, because Mom and Dad have not taken the time at home to teach them how to eat at a table with guests.  It is a fun time to stage some awkward manners that show how important good manners are!

What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do

Ask, ASK, ASK!!!!!

I have several pages of notes for each of these subjects.  I really did have these classes!
If you would like a copy of the notes, let me know. We can work on that via emails.

Email me at


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