Little Things


I like little things.

Today in school with Lilly, we made a little progress.  When she didn’t make an A on her test, I thought about all the facts she did get right.  It is progress, and a little progress is quite acceptable.  When I don’t make outlandish demands, she doesn’t get frustrated and defeated, nor do I!  

This morning was a thoughtful morning in devotions.  We have been in this new land for two years.  We know a little of the language.  We know a few people.  No great feats have been done.  Is God okay with my little?

I think the problem with the little things is a matter of comparison.

“My friend is making A’s,” my daughter tells me.

“He learned the language in less than a year and speaks like a native.”

“Her children went back to America and didn’t have any issues.”

“She is so creative in her homeschooling!”  Maybe I can copy….

There could be a whole list of examples.  You know that feeling when someone begins comparing you, your kids, your ministry or worse, when YOU begin comparing yourself, your kids, your work. I have even compared myself to Maria Taylor, wife of Hudson Taylor, who lived in China over 100 years ago!   Admiring her life is fine, but when I start comparing, that is foolish.

Comparing is deadly.  Stop it.  Remember that God created variety.  God is at work in your life.  There is no standard speed for growth.  There is no average grade in God’s school.  We are all unique creations.  Let us glory in that.  Let us be satisfied that we are making progress, even a little progress.

Why do we heap up unrealistic expectations upon ourselves, when God’s standard is, “Well done, good slave, because you have been faithful in a very little thing….”  A seed is a very little thing, but Christ said, “If you had faith like a mustard seed...”  Stop looking at those mountains you think you need to climb. Focus on the seed that is in your hand.

You are doing great, Lilly.  I am proud of you.

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