What Do Grown Up TCKs Do?

what do grown up tcks do

What do grown up TCKs do?

They scare their mothers all the time.  I have three sons in what I feel like are not so very safe countries:  two in the Middle East and one in Korea.

They make friends with the most unusual people.  Their friends have accents.  And the boys don’t mind standing up for the “bad” country, whether it’s in their college classes, or in the news, or having an argument with their friends.

This weekend Raymond is going on a “picnic” in an area of the world that we see on the news every night.

Lloyd went on a trip along the coast of where he’s living and took pictures of barbed-wire along the coast line and bunkers to protect the country.

Jay, I won’t even say what he has been up to.  It is terrifying, and thankfully he is returning to the US this week!

I see a people that are easy to love, and I have a purpose for being here.

So maybe I should say that I am probably working in a not-so-safe country.  But I love the people and their country.  I am sorry for the bad that I see. But I see a people that are easy to love, and I have a purpose for being here.

Today I sat in my friend’s kitchen, had tea with her, her mother, and aunt, and laughed and tried to speak and understand their language.  She got out her mother’s accordion that she hadn’t played in twenty years.  I got to be the audience.  What a treat to listen to the traditional music.  And Aunty and my friend got up and did the traditional dance.

So maybe it is really my fault that my boys love this adventurous life. My fault for raising them on the backside of the Sahara. I hope so. 🙂

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