Empty Nest

emptynestAn empty nest.  Well, I haven’t faced that yet.  I still have a 15 year old at home; that is enough of a challenge, keeping me busy!

I have a few thoughts for those of us nearing that stage of life, however.

I talked with a friend once about her empty nest. I liked what she said.  “I am enjoying my husband and being with him like never before.  We do so many things together that we were not able to do when the children were home.”

That sounds wonderful to me!  I am looking forward to the day when I can get up and have a quiet coffee with my husband.  We can travel to some of those places we used to just talk about but couldn’t afford to take six kids to, couldn’t take the time off from school, and just didn’t have the energy to do after caring for the family.  Actually, the empty nest is looking pretty nice.

You don’t want your children dependent on you.

The alternative is NOT good. You don’t want your children dependent on you.  It is natural, good, and important that they leave your home and establish their own.  The  icing on the cake….grandchildren.

And maybe a nice sideline is that you will time for a ministry outside the home without feeling guilty or neglecting the family.

God is far from through with you after your children leave!


One thought on “Empty Nest

  1. I really like these thoughts. It is so important that our goal for our children is independence from us and dependence on God. I look forward to empty nest, while still enhpjoying having my children home. I look forward to seeing what they will become. One of life’s greatest mysteries!


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