A Peek Into 2016!

I write for mothers and fathers living abroad and for their TCKs.  I know that for me personally, I didn’t have a clue what it was to raise my children abroad.  But as the years passed and each of my six children went back to the States for college, I learned a lot.


I wish I had had someone to talk to about my needs, my children’s needs, which are unique to those who live abroad.  If I can help or encourage you, that is worth my time and effort in writing here.

The blog has also reached many of you within the United States. I am so pleased that some of these things I write might interest or edify you.

I’ve listed here updates and goals for 2016:

  • I would like to address some things that YOU would like to talk about.  I want to be sure I am covering topics of your interest.  I will post some surveys and polls soon.  Please vote!  This way, we can help each other!
  • You can now find me at halfacupofcoke.com. If you type in the old address (halfacupofcoke.wordpress.com), it will automatically reroute you to the the new web address.
  • Books have been a big part of my life – very important to me.  I will review some for you this year that I think are especially good.
  • We are working to make the reentry course material accessible along with some infographics to make it more engaging.  I will let you know when that becomes available.
  • Since I live abroad, in a restricted area, my daughter moderates this blog for me.  It saves me so much time.  I appreciate her being willing to work for all of us.
  • Because of this, I generally do not respond to comments unless there is a question or concern.  However, comments are always welcome and appreciated!
  • Feel free to email me at halfacupofcoke@gmail.com.  I have posted my contact email with my bio on the right panel of the blog, and I also posted it on My Story page.

Like me on Twitter and Facebook and please share with any TCKs or TCK parents you know.  For me, this is one big way we can help our children, our wild and wonderful TCKs.  That is my only desire.  To God be the glory as He enables and guides.


*Photo credit goes to my adorable granddaughter.


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