I Have Met a Man Who Saw His Father Killed

I have met a man who saw his father killed and his mother taken away, never to see her again.


He is about 40 years old.  War came to his country when he was a child.

He now lives and works in a Christian center.  He is a Christian.

I cannot even listen to his story and come up with a reason for his hope other than Christ.

We are visiting a very interesting part of the world.  So much news covers this area.  So much violence is reported.  So many peoples’ lives disrupted with no hope in sight.

Family members killed, sons off to war, houses destroyed, homes gone, and it’s dangerous to stay in your town where you were born.

I am overwhelmed.

If I think about the masses affected by this war, I am sad.

But if I think about that one man, I cry.

Pilgrim’s Progress tells about a man who lives in the City of Destruction.  God, mercy-full God sends him help.


“There is a light…do you see it?” Evangelist points in the direction of the Truth.  “Do you see it?”

“I think I do. It’s very far off and dim,” says Pilgrim.

“Well, go toward that Light,” encourages Evangelist.

And Pilgrim starts off on his journey to find hope, salvation, love, and help in Christ.

We only can point to that Light.  What a privilege is ours.  Oh, come and help in this work for the King and His Kingdom.  “And of some have compassion, making a difference.” Jude 1:22

*Find A Dangerous Journey, the story of Pilgrim’s Progress, on Amazon.  It has excellent illustrations.

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