Helping Your TCK Through Transition (Audio)


Parents of TCKs – 

I wish someone had talked to me when I had six young children in my home.

I wish they had told me some of the things I learned the hard way.

I wish I had realized how important my children were.

I was so busy with language study, adjusting, ministry, etc., etc.

Maybe what I say can be helpful to some of you.

My focus is on the TCK preparing for college.  The recording is in two parts:

Helping Your TCK Through Transition Pt 1

Helping Your TCK Through Transition Pt 2


3 thoughts on “Helping Your TCK Through Transition (Audio)

  1. This is so well done, Bonnie. I would think this would be extremely helpful to parents in this situation. These ideas could even be very helpful for people who aren’t sending their kids anywhere but off to college within their own country. I remember asking the Lord to bring other godly adults into my college kids’ lives to encourage them and be there for them. He definitely answered that prayer!


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