Being Creative in the Home


I was a young, new bride.  My husband and I combined what possessions we had in our new, rented home.  After the honeymoon, he went to work.

I got up and made toast.  I looked around me at the hodgepodge of things we both owned. There was his stuffed fish, my girly pictures, a leather couch (well, not real leather), a very original log end table, a threadbare  stuffed chair…

I did what any new bride would do: I cried.

I did what any new bride would do: I cried.  Then I made a cup of coffee, got a book, and sat down in my threadbare chair to read.

Fortunately, I had picked up a book I had received as a wedding present: The Hidden Art of Homemaking by Edith Schaeffer.  I wanted to know how to go about this job of making a home.

Every chapter opened to me a new idea.  I would thrill as I read, “Yes, I can do this!  I can make that!  That is a great idea!”  I will sum up what Edith said in two words: be creative.  Use what you have and can afford.

She challenged me to think about my Heavenly Father.  He is amazingly creative.  I just have to look around me to see His hand.  He is my Father; I am His child.  Children look like and act like their father.  I can be creative, just like my Father.

I don’t need Walmart.  I don’t need lots of money.  I don’t need  unlimited resources.  The point is:  use what is already available.

So I began to create.  It was a challenge.  Then we moved to another country, to a primitive village.  As we looked at the only house in the village that had doors and walls made of cement, I asked the owner, “Where is the kitchen?”

“Madam, it is anywhere that you want it to be!”

And so the creativeness had to increase substantially.

I looked at my neighbors’ houses in the village.  They literally had a suitcase-full worth of possessions.  How could I decorate my house so that they would feel comfortable when they visited?

I filled decorative clay pots with dry native vegetation in them, hung pictures made from colorful local cloth, and bought wicker furniture from the local market.

This book changed my life.  Do you have a book that influenced you?  I would be interested in what book it was, and how it affected a change in you.

“The heavens are telling of the glory of God; And their expanse is declaring the work of His hands.” Psalm 19:1

“Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men…” Colossians 3:23

“…being content with what you have…” Hebrews 13:5

“The wise woman builds her house, But the foolish tears it down with her own hands.” Proverbs 14:1


One thought on “Being Creative in the Home

  1. I loved that book as well, Bonnie, and have read it several times. Another of Edith Schaeffer’s books I have really enjoyed is Common Sense Christian Living. Elizabeth George’s books A Woman After God’s Own Heart and Beautiful in God’s Eyes (from Proverbs 31) have both encouraged me in the area of homemaking.

    For an over-all life-changing book, though, the one which changed me the most has been Loving God with All Your Mind, by Elizabeth George. It truly transformed me in the area of worry and a very real tendency to depression, and strengthened my trust in God and my understanding of His sovereignty. I have given this book to several other ladies and they have found the same thing — it was used by God to transform their thinking.

    I enjoyed this post so much!


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