Getting to Know Your Wild & Wonderful TCK

I have said repeatedly, “Talk to your TCK about being a TCK.”

Host Country Questions

This past week, I sat at a table with 12 TCKs, ages 11-15.  We talked about being a TCK.  They all participated with enthusiasm.

I asked a question, and they wrote their response on a piece of paper and handed it in anonymously.  This way, they had time to think, and no one was put on the spot (so embarrassing!).

I also did this with my children years ago.  I still have their answers on the cards with the questions.  I remember being somewhat surprised at their answers.

I challenge you to give this a try.  It really is a fun exercise.  Remember, keep it light.

Here is a list of questions to get started on.

For those of you living in your Host Country (where you live abroad):

  1. Tell about one of your fondest memories of something we did as a family on the field.
  2. Is there anyone you’ve met that you’d like to be like? Why?
  3. What is the hardest thing about being a TCK?
  4. Which skill would you like to learn in this country that wouldn’t be possible in your home country?
  5. What is something for which you would like to thank your parents?
  6. Tell me about the person who has influenced your spiritual life.
  7. When I am happy I…
  8. When I am sad I…
  9. If I had a wish, it would be…
  10. What do you do when you feel lonely?
  11. One of the biggest celebrations of my life was…
  12. What would you do to help a new TCK in your area?
  13. Tell about a travel experience you’ll never forget!
  14. The thing I miss most about my home country…
  15. If you had a friend come visit, where would you take him first?
  16. What is your favorite new food in your host country?
  17. Who would you pick to come visit you, if that were possible?
  18. One thing parents should never do is…
  19. What three words describe your host country?
  20. Where is “home”?  Where do you feel like you belong?  Why?
  21. One of my fondest memories of celebrating a holiday in my host country is…
  22. I hope we never stop… Because…
  23. Who do you miss most from your home country?
  24. What will you miss when you leave this country?

If you would like a Word document copy of these questions, download Host Country Questions and print it off.

Next time I will have a list of questions for those who are in their home country for home assignment.

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