Generating Conversation with Your TCK


It is a wonderful experience to return to your home country.  I always get a thrill when I pass through immigration and they say, “Welcome.”  This is where I belong.

But your TCK may not share these feelings at all.  Here are some questions for you to ask him/her.  Explore their feelings about being back in their “home” country.

For those living in their “home country” for home assignment:

What is the hardest question for you to answer regarding being a TCK?

  1. What is the hardest question for you to answer regarding being a TCK?
  2. The thing that helped me most during our time of transition has been…
  3. The thing that surprised me most about this country is…
  4. The best thing friends can do to show they care is…
  5. What do you recall as one of the nicest things someone from the State did for you or your family when you came home?
  6. What outreach do you think you could do here?
  7. Describe your “dream job.”
  8. What words of advice would you give to a TCK who will be soon returning to his home country?
  9. What is your most cherished, sentimental possession?  Why?
  10. My favorite place to eat out is… With…
  11. The hardest part about returning has been…
  12. What is the strangest food you have eaten?  Would you eat it again?
  13. Tell about a person who has influenced you.
  14. Tell about an experience you will never forget.
  15. Describe your favorite teacher/youth worker.
  16. The thing I miss most about my “host ” country is…
  17. The food I miss most from my host country is…
  18. In three words , how would you describe your home assignment.
  19. The thing I am looking forward to the most this year is…

I really recommend that you record the answers to these questions.  I have reviewed the answers my children gave.  It is enlightening.  It always is when you take the time to really talk with someone about things that matter to them.

Here is the HOME COUNTRY QUESTIONS of these questions if you would like to print them off.

If you missed the post on HOST COUNTRY QUESTIONS, be sure to see that list too!

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