Two Choices

twochoices.jpgChoices make life complicated.  I have two choices of what to do next Saturday, both very good things, but unfortunately happening at the same time.
I signed up for a cooking class last September that meets every Saturday from 9 to 4 pm.  When I signed up, I thought it was a six week commitment.  Wrong.  Another language misunderstanding.  I had signed up for a 9 month course in the local cuisine.

It has been a challenge.  It is all in a foreign language, made with foreign ingredients, but a great opportunity to be with a wonderful group of ladies who to me seem very capable of cooking any of these amazing local dishes.  That is choice number one.

Advertised on a local web page is a “yard sale” at the international school.  I can pass up yard sales (sometimes), but this one is selling English books for less than a dollar each, donated by other expats.  Now it gets complicated.

Lilly loves to read, I love to encourage her reading.  But the yard sale is this Saturday, same time as my cooking class, going in an opposite direction on the bus.  My husband and Lilly both asked me, “Won’t you go with us to the book sale?”

It’s the same age-old problem of balancing…ministry and family.  I can’t say that ministry should always win, and I can’t say that family should always win.  I have prayed about it.  And as always, God directs.  He knows which is the best choice for me, for my family, for His glory in this one choice.  Every choice merits asking God what to do!

This Saturday I will be going with Lilly and my husband to the book sale.  We will get on the bus, spend the morning among expats and books and probably enjoy a glass of tea.

Four things helped me make this decision:

1.  My cooking class will not remember if I was there or not one year from now.
2.  Lilly will remember a delightful day out with her parents.
3.  Lilly asked me to go.
4.  God gave me clear guidance that I should go.

3 thoughts on “Two Choices

  1. This is such a great post, Bonnie! I am going to be sharing this with my ladies’ Sunday School class as it fits perfectly with our current lesson. Thanks for sharing! Praying for you!


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