Home Assignment: Priorities


To me priorities and lists go together.  I know some of you are facing a time of being back in your home country for a few weeks to a few months to a year!  This pre-leaving time was a good time for our family.

We liked to talk about the time we planned to spend on the lake with family.

We knew exactly what Grandpa would say when he saw us.

We could smell the lush, freshly cut green grass on a lawn. 

We imagined taking the first bite out of a juicy McDonald’s hamburger.

That is what I want to talk about with you – the pre-departure time.

Now you have time to think, to plan.  In a few weeks, you will enter the mighty rushing current of Western culture.  There is little time to sit and think.  So before you leave, take time, all the time you need, to think about your time in your home country.

Elaine went home for the summer her 15th year.  I challenged her to make goals for that summer and make a list of priorities.  Her goal was to get a job and her main priority was to spend time with her brothers (as opposed to spending time with friends exclusively).

There was only so much time.  Just putting these two things down on paper helped her make decisions when it came to invitations, parties, free time, etc.

I also remember making goals for one of our times at home.  This was when half my children were already in the States, and the other half were still with me.  What a list I had!

You don’t have to do everything in your short time allowed.

It centered on my children…spending time with them.  That meant that when an invitation came up to spend the evening sharing a meal with friends, I accepted if it did not interfere with my main goal, to spend time with my kids when they were free.

I made a ministry goal too.  What I wanting to accomplish as we visited churches.  That helped me focus when asked to speak.  It directed me in my conversations with people.

I challenge you to make yourself a list.  You must write it down.  That helps get your thoughts organized.  It is truly freeing as you keep your list simple.  You don’t have to do everything in your short time allowed.

  1. #1 priority is….
  2. My goals for the family are….
  3. A list of people I MUST see….
  4. Individual goals for my children…. (Better consult them on this:-))
  5. What time will I spend relaxing, where will I go to do that, with whom….

I heard a sermon once with this catchy phrase:


When the wave of craziness hits you, you have a plan!

One thought on “Home Assignment: Priorities

  1. great ideas! we always discussed differences in culture, who we would see (reminding them of how we were related to people, etc), the kinds of things we would do. i nnever made goals, but it would have been good if i had


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