Suitcases, Airlines, Airports

Every TCK is an expert traveler!

You just have to sit in on a conversation among them when the subject of travel comes up.

Suitcases, Airlines, Airports.pngThere is a wide variety of opinions on airlines, airline food, airports, flight attendants, suitcases, and layovers.  It is not a bragging contest because all of them have been to so many amazing places, they don’t even compare where they have traveled.  They just complain, as any experienced professional would do.  And therein do they connect.

It is a fact: Third Culture Kids connect with other TCKs, MKs, or international students. I would do everything in my power as a parent to encourage this mingling with other TCKs.

Our organization is having a gathering specifically for that purpose at the end of this month.  Its purpose is to introduce the new TCKs to some of the older ones.  How perfect, how nonthreatening.  It gives the new incoming TCKs a helping hand, an encouraging word from those who understand!  They are not alone!  Eureka!

If I were a parent, this two day gathering would be a priority for my college student.  I cannot think of anything you could do during those two days that would be more effective in helping your TCK for the coming school year.

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