Home Base

Here is another answer from a TCK regarding the very important question:

What helped you most coming back to your home country?


Probably the one thing that helped me most coming back to my home country is having a home base. So many TCK families do not have a home waiting on them on furlough, but have to live in other people’s houses or out of a car.

God has blessed our family with our house in South Carolina. When we get back to America, we move in again, invite friends over, have family devotions, jump on the trampoline, have family nights, take music lessons in the neighborhood, and make it another home away from the one we left.

Having a house makes your time in your home country seem more stable and gives you the chance to settle down instead of constantly being on the move. While I enjoyed traveling all over and visiting churches, there is nothing like driving “home” and crashing.

– Anonymous

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