Another Miracle: Part 2

No potatoes, no fresh vegetables, no fruit – all of those fresh things were treats right after a market trip, but as time went on, they were consumed. Continue reading

Another Miracle: Part 1

“Your maidservant has nothing in the house except a jar of oil…” 2 Kings 4:2

It was rainy season. The next trip to our market town was still two weeks away. And that was questionable since the roads had to dry up considerably before we could get out to resupply.

stuck in the mud
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Preparing a Table in the Wilderness

Psalm 78:19 is the verse that God used to make me willing to go with my husband to Africa.

Here’s what I was thinking. “My husband has picked the most desolate place in the world to take me and our six children; five of them boys who have man-size appetites. How will I ever feed them?!” And I hung back, reluctant, unenthusiastic, and unsupportive. Continue reading

You Know How to Play UNO, Don’t You?

Three days’ journey south of our home in the desert are beautiful, green mountains. I was on a retreat there and taking a walk with my friend Barb. Barb has as many children as I do and was raising her children abroad like me. I respect her. I have always been impressed with her children. So when she talks, I listen.

This particular day I was telling her about my youngest, Lil.

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