Busy Soldiers

Dwight Eisenhower said, “Busy soldiers are happy soldiers.”  I read this quote in my early years with six children running around. Summer time always brought the I’m-bored attitude around to harass me as a busy mom.

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Help Your TCK Celebrate the 4th of July


In a few days our country will celebrate its birthday.  Since my circle of American friends is pretty small, here is how I have decided to celebrate the 4th this year.

Of course it will start with cooking outside on our tiny little grill.  It will include red/white/blue decorations.  And that would end it there since we can’t do fireworks – we really can’t sing God Bless America (because we can’t sing) – and getting together with family is a dream. Continue reading

14 Ideas for Family Night Games


We had just moved to Quebec to learn French.  Our six children ranged from ages 3-13, five boys and one little girl.  Those are important facts because game time with five boys is a lot different from game time with five girls. Continue reading

Book Review: The Hidden Art of Homemaking

I was a new bride.

We were poor.

A friend gave me this book.  It transformed the way I thought about my home, my kids, and my job as a wife, mother, and homemaker.

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