Beggars & Me


Most of us live in countries where begging is a daily thing. You walk out your door and it confronts you. I have lived all of my adult life in countries where begging goes on in the streets: by children, handicapped people, crazy people, mothers, old people, and desperate fathers.

Where oh where is the answer to this complicated situation? I have developed a plan through the years. Continue reading

What You Can & Can’t Eat Abroad


As I prepared my salad for our lunch today, I marveled at the variety of vegetables available for us to use: lettuce, radishes, okra, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, fresh peas, carrots, pickled red cabbage, and two different kinds of cheeses. I put my homemade croutons on the table and wondered at the beautiful and nutritious meal available here in this country. Continue reading

Busy Soldiers

Dwight Eisenhower said, “Busy soldiers are happy soldiers.”  I read this quote in my early years with six children running around. Summer time always brought the I’m-bored attitude around to harass me as a busy mom.

Busy Soldiers Continue reading