Who Yelled STORM?!!

We kept the cots in the yard, and in the evening, before it got dark and the mosquitoes came out, we carried out our pillows and sheets, and anchored down our mosquito nets with rocks or in my case – large tin cans of tomato sauce, and got our battery-run fans going.

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Little Things


I like little things.

Today in school with Lilly, we made a little progress.  When she didn’t make an A on her test, I thought about all the facts she did get right.  It is progress, and a little progress is quite acceptable.  When I don’t make outlandish demands, she doesn’t get frustrated and defeated, nor do I!   Continue reading

A Monitor Lizard in My Pantry


Lizards and deserts just go together.  When you have a porous house, the lizards freely come and go, and you live together in a kind of tolerant existence.  Continue reading

Another Miracle: Part 2

No potatoes, no fresh vegetables, no fruit – all of those fresh things were treats right after a market trip, but as time went on, they were consumed. Continue reading

Another Miracle: Part 1

“Your maidservant has nothing in the house except a jar of oil…” 2 Kings 4:2

It was rainy season. The next trip to our market town was still two weeks away. And that was questionable since the roads had to dry up considerably before we could get out to resupply.

stuck in the mud
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Preparing a Table in the Wilderness

Psalm 78:19 is the verse that God used to make me willing to go with my husband to Africa.

Here’s what I was thinking. “My husband has picked the most desolate place in the world to take me and our six children; five of them boys who have man-size appetites. How will I ever feed them?!” And I hung back, reluctant, unenthusiastic, and unsupportive. Continue reading