Generating Conversation with Your TCK


It is a wonderful experience to return to your home country.  I always get a thrill when I pass through immigration and they say, “Welcome.”  This is where I belong. Continue reading

TCK Shares Personal Experience


I love TCKs.  I have talked to many of them about their lives as TCKs.  I have ideas, suggestions, etc.  But there is nothing that compares to hearing yourself from the source.

So I asked several adult TCKs a question: What helped you the most in your return to the States for college?  I will be posting their answers. If you are a parent of a TCK, listen to these adults and their responses.  —  Bonnie

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Reentry Course Outline

Why have reentry classes?  It will open your eyes to the facts…life will be different.  It gives your TCK a head’s up so that he/she won’t be blind-sided.

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Reentry Class

Last time, I told you I was signing up for a cooking class.  My neighbor went with me for, as you know, filling out forms in a foreign language for anything is daunting!  But after much confusion and help from the powers that be – and because I am a foreigner – I got signed up!  I may not be great in the language, but I know how to cook, so we will see how it goes.

For me, sending my child off to college is the most challenging aspect of my living-abroad experience.

Since the school year has started, I am reminded of our kids and the whole process of their education.  Some of us are homeschooling (I still am!).  Some of you have sent your children off to college for the first time this year.  Some of you are doing it for the second, third, or fourth time!  For me, sending my child off to college is the most challenging aspect of my living-abroad experience.

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Goodbye Africa! Hello America!

“Goodbye Africa! Hello America!” That was the sign I made for each of my kids as we sent them off to college. We invited all their African friends and our fellow workers. It was a great time of yummy cookies, cultural mixing, and thoughtful gifts from friends.

Then the actual departure. It was a traumatic event for all of us. Continue reading