TCK Shares Personal Experience


I love TCKs.  I have talked to many of them about their lives as TCKs.  I have ideas, suggestions, etc.  But there is nothing that compares to hearing yourself from the source.

So I asked several adult TCKs a question: What helped you the most in your return to the States for college?  I will be posting their answers. If you are a parent of a TCK, listen to these adults and their responses.  —  Bonnie

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14 Ideas for Family Night Games


We had just moved to Quebec to learn French.  Our six children ranged from ages 3-13, five boys and one little girl.  Those are important facts because game time with five boys is a lot different from game time with five girls. Continue reading

A Paper Tree Kind of Christmas

Another Christmas abroad.  I love it!  For some reason I am able to focus on enjoying the holiday and the true significance of it.  The pace is much slower.  The present giving is greatly diminished.  So many years of making this holiday special for my children!

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