My Story


It is Saturday morning. I am sitting by the sea, enjoying all its beauty. I have come here to write because it reminds me that God made this beauty and He is in control of it all. That calms me, reassures me. And I write on Saturday because it is the only day I feel like I can take the time away from my other duties as a wife and mom.

Writing for you is just pure pleasure. This life of sharing God’s good news abroad started when I was nine in a little country church in Arizona. The road split in front of me. I had to make a choice. Do what God wanted…or do what I wanted. In choosing His way…..I have had 55 years of walking by faith. THAT, for anyone, is an adventure. The Bible calls it “living abundantly.” Notice the word abundant does not mean easy and fun, but those two surely….well, maybe just the fun….are included.

Three years of deputation with six children (Jay, Lloyd, Lee, Raymond, Clay and Elaine)* below the age of nine, two years of language study with six children, eighteen years of work in the Sub-Saharan with six children, and one more (Lilly) added on when I was forty-eight, and well, you can imagine the adventures!!

Two years ago we moved, now just three of us, to a Middle Eastern country. New country, new language, new culture, new everything as far as my mind is concerned, and I am still in the midst of “adventures.”

Different though from the first time. This time I am a little older and a little wiser. I know God has a purpose, and I know He will not fail to help me whenever I call on Him. And, oh my, yes, we have air conditioning, internet, wash machine, dryer, fresh everything to eat, ATM, doctors, public transportation…and we don’t have unbearable heat, no fans, no dust storms, no insects (at least not overwhelming insects), sickness without doctors, and difficulties that only grandma 100 years ago faced.

Why do I want to talk with you? Because I love my TCKs and God has given me the burden of loving all those wild and wonderful MKs. My children (and God) taught me a few things.  Maybe you can profit some of my experiences.


On our first trip to our new home in the desert, I was sitting in the minibus taxi with half of our sixteen pieces of luggage and one of my children. My husband was in the Land Rover behind us with the rest of the luggage, groceries, the other five children and our young short-term school teacher. We were lined up in a convoy, military trucks with soldiers in front and behind. Road bandits were a constant problem on this stretch of the road. (Two times fellow workers told us, “People have died on that road.”) I see a soldier coming down the line, talking to each driver. He gets to my taxi, “Madam,” he addresses me, “If we are stopped by bandits and shooting starts, don’t leave the vehicle. Just get down!” And he walks away. My thought, “What have we gotten ourselves into?”

I hope to encourage you in every way on your journey –



*The kids names have been changed to give them a measure of privacy.

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