Help Your TCK Celebrate the 4th of July


In a few days our country will celebrate its birthday.  Since my circle of American friends is pretty small, here is how I have decided to celebrate the 4th this year.

Of course it will start with cooking outside on our tiny little grill.  It will include red/white/blue decorations.  And that would end it there since we can’t do fireworks – we really can’t sing God Bless America (because we can’t sing) – and getting together with family is a dream. Continue reading

A Paper Tree Kind of Christmas

Another Christmas abroad.  I love it!  For some reason I am able to focus on enjoying the holiday and the true significance of it.  The pace is much slower.  The present giving is greatly diminished.  So many years of making this holiday special for my children!

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Across the Sahara: Lost

Read Part 1 Across the Sahara: The Unexpected Adventure

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We were bouncing along on the back bumper of the truck. We started arguing about the road we were driving on, whether it looked familiar or not. I waved my arm around to emphasize that it was, when we hit a huge bump. Continue reading

Across the Sahara: The Oasis

Read Part 1 of Across the Sahara: The Unexpected Adventure

Raymond’s narrative continued…  

The sandstorm blew the entire trip.  It blew sand everywhere till your face was full of grit.  It blew into the back of the truck, filling every crevasse, sifting in every bag and blanket.  It made visibility horrible, so that if you didn’t have sunglasses and a turban on, you had to walk backwards into it or it would scour your face. Continue reading

Across the Sahara: The Unexpected Adventure

Here is life from a TCK’s perspective. My son, Raymond, wrote this after one of his favorite African adventures.  Continue reading

Who Yelled STORM?!!

We kept the cots in the yard, and in the evening, before it got dark and the mosquitoes came out, we carried out our pillows and sheets, and anchored down our mosquito nets with rocks or in my case – large tin cans of tomato sauce, and got our battery-run fans going.

army cots Continue reading