What Every TCK Needs: A Faithful Friend


I am still new to this country and culture.  For the first two years that I lived here, Desire, my neighbor-friend, held my hand.

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TCK Shares Personal Experience


I love TCKs.  I have talked to many of them about their lives as TCKs.  I have ideas, suggestions, etc.  But there is nothing that compares to hearing yourself from the source.

So I asked several adult TCKs a question: What helped you the most in your return to the States for college?  I will be posting their answers. If you are a parent of a TCK, listen to these adults and their responses.  —  Bonnie

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Reentry Course Outline

Why have reentry classes?  It will open your eyes to the facts…life will be different.  It gives your TCK a head’s up so that he/she won’t be blind-sided.

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Goodbye Africa! Hello America!

“Goodbye Africa! Hello America!” That was the sign I made for each of my kids as we sent them off to college. We invited all their African friends and our fellow workers. It was a great time of yummy cookies, cultural mixing, and thoughtful gifts from friends.

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